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Hi, my name is MIKE from United States. I'm a Man of 175 cm tall
Other people says that i'm Younger than my real age

Do you think i need to change my look?
No, you are ok Yes, i think you can looks better

Suggest me how can i looks better:
You need to Weight Loss you need a Cosmetic Surgery
Change your Dress Style
Change your Hairstyle
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MIKE has received 3 total comments

Date : 2009-02-11 / You need to change look? NO
Comment: you look like an older chandler from friends

Date : 2009-01-30 / You need to change look? NO
Comment: Get botox you have crows feet your teeth are brown. Oh My God. Do something with yourself. Definatly loose weight Three chins

Date : 2009-01-24 / You need to change look? NO
Comment: hottie :)

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